7 Fast Facts about the New Challenger Flagship Store at Bugis Junction

The latest Challenger Flagship store opens its door on 29th April 2017 at Bugis Junction Basement 1. However, do you know some facts about the store? What are the main attractions at this flagship store that no other stores are providing (at the moment)?


Here are the 7 Fast Facts about Challenger Flagship at Bugis Junction Basement 1

  1. The new Challenger Flagship at Bugis Junction Basement 1 spans 14,000 square feet.
  2. Together with Challenger Flagship at Bugis Junction Basement 1, there are 40 stores islandwide at press time. They consist of 1 flagship, 25 superstores and 14 small-format stores.
  3. The new flagship reinforces Challenger’s belief in the importance of a strong network of retail stores to complement Hachi.tech, an online tech marketplace.
  4. Challenger has over 500,000 ValueClub members.
  5. At the new flagship, Challenger pioneers 15 lifestyle concept zones backed by data analytics proven to guide shoppers in their purchases.
  6. What are the 15 lifestyle concept zones?
    1. Print Domain showcases Singapore’s most extensive range of printers and supplies under one roof, with original manufacturer’s warranty and trade-in specials.
    2. Biz Solutions is where shoppers can put together higher-end devices and tools to create a smart working environment. Here is where you will find data storage, business software, video projectors and printers.
    3. Intelligent Living featuring smart devices such as routers, security cameras, smart lighting and appliances for the home.
    4. Type & Click: the finishing touch to any powerhouse work station is a set of good mouse and keyboard— browse the best in this category here.
    5. Fitness Station showcases the latest smart watches, activity trackers and accessories optimized for sports. Spice up your fitness routine with the help of technology and stay on track of your goals.
    6. Storage Terminal features the latest and most comprehensive devices to store your precious memories and critical business data.
    7. Software Boutique: Enhance your hardware with the latest programmes across different operating systems
    8. Game On: As the originators of the Game On! concept in Singapore, Challenger is proud to showcase the latest consoles and gaming accessories from major gaming partners like Microsoft, Sony and Razer
    9. PC Go is where shoppers can surf through a selection of notebooks, desktops and monitors. Whether you are a student, business executive, gamer or traveller, this concept helps you find the right PC outfitted for your specific needs.
    10. Musica: Showcasing a full range of audio gadgets whether wired or wireless, outdoor or tabletop
    11. PLG (Priced Low 2 Go): PLG’s lifestyle accessories start at $2 with 30-day product replacement. PLG’s Gold range has a 90-day warranty period and PLG’s Platinum range enjoys a 1-year warranty period. The entire PLG range comes with a 7-day money back guarantee so you can shop with absolute peace of mind.
    12. Accessories Showroom: 1,700 square feet of space dedicated to IT accessories such as cables, batteries and carrying cases.
    13. Action Cameras/Drones: The future of aerial photography! DJI and Parrot will have their first experiential booths in Singapore right here.
    14. Power Charging: A wide selection of portable tools to charge up your power-hungry devices.
    15. Home & Living: The only store in Bugis Junction where you can find home appliances featuring Dyson, Braun and Panasonic.
  7. What’s new at Challenger Flagship?
    • Top drone manufacturers, DJI and Parrot, unveils its first-ever experiential counters in Singapore
    • Razer unveils its new Razerzone featuring the latest, most advanced gaming products from systems to peripherals and audio products to software and gear
    • Samsung showcases the Galaxy Plus VRcade, allowing shoppers to experience a truly immersive gaming experience with the ergonomically designed Gear VR with Controller

So, now, when you shop at the new Challenger Flagship at Bugis Junction Basement 1, you will know what to expect. Happy shopping!