Surf the Net Safely with StarHub JuniorProtect Plus

If you have children, one of the most problematic issues for parents today is that children who have access to the Internet might be surfing it unsupervised. You will never know where they will venture in their “quest” to find answers on the Internet. However, there are also times when they obtain invaluable knowledge just by surfing the net.


To reduce the risk of what the children might be facing online, StarHub introduces a plan, the StarHub JuniorProtect Plus, that can help parents to monitor and guide their children. With its five features, parents can be in control of managing the children surfing the net on broadband or mobile. More details in the Press Release.

Press Release

A Safer Internet with StarHub JuniorProtect Plus

Singapore, 1 March 2017 – StarHub today unveiled the Plus edition of its basic network-based content filtering service for mobile and home broadband customers. Called JuniorProtect Plus, it supercharges the basic edition with five powerful yet simple-to-use features for parents to monitor and guide their children’s first steps into the world wide web.

“Though we know the internet is a powerful learning and communication medium, it is natural for parents to still be hyperaware of the risks children face online. With StarHub’s JuniorProtect Plus, parents will be able to easily customise mobile and online boundaries according to their needs, giving their children the freedom to learn and explore while ensuring safety. Parents are their children’s biggest influencers, and we want to empower them to be the primary advocates of good online habits early in life,” said Ms Wang Li-Na, Head of Segment & Marketing, StarHub.

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Once activated, JuniorProtect Plus will automatically block access to undesirable online content containing sexually explicit material, violence and gore. Depending on their family’s filtering needs, parents can choose to activate filters for up to 12 other content categories, including gambling, internet security threats, video streaming and social networking as well as maintain a customised list of restricted or allowed websites. Parents will be able to easily set a password to temporarily bypass the content filters.

When activated on a home broadband connection, parents will be able to access the JuniorProtect Plus online portal at any time to set surfing curfews, generate online activity reports and configure instant alerts through SMS or email if a restricted website were to be accessed. While on mobile, the service will offer two additional features for parents to manage their children’s local and roaming mobile data access remotely as well as track their whereabouts.

JuniorProtect Plus is designed to filter content before it even reaches devices, apps and browsers. This network-level protection means users will not need to install and configure software separately on each device.

Starting 4 March 2017, parents can visit the JuniorProtect Plus online portal at to easily activate the service on their children’s mobile lines or on home broadband connections using their StarHub Hub iD. JuniorProtect Plus will cost $5.35 per month for every enrolled mobile line and $5.35 per month for each home broadband connection.

A comparison between JuniorProtect Plus and JuniorProtect Basic is available in the table below:


– End –

About StarHub

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