Mogics Power Donut and Bagel is Back (video)

My favorite “Mogics Power Donut & Bagel” is back on Indiegogo. Now, they come with color options and nicer casing. BTW, they are not food, if that is what you are thinking. Mogics Donut and Mogics Bagel are super compact travel power strip.


I have been using Mogics Bagel for some time now, and recently during my trip to Norway and Sweden. It is really compact and useful. Don’t let the size fool you. You can plug in up to 5 plugs and 2 USB (2A each) into it. And with its super small travel adapter and multi-voltage capability, there is no worries about using it in different countries.

Here is the video.

Do note that Donut has US sockets only while Bagel has 4 universal sockets and one US socket. For 3-pin plug like those used in Singapore, there is no problem at all. However, do note that 3-pin plugs are actually big in nature and in slightly different shapes and sizes. Sometimes, it is impossible to share all together. In my case, I mixed my bagel with different types of plugs to ensure maximum efficient of it.

Here is a chart comparison of the Donut and Bagel.


In the first version of the Mogics Donut/Bagel, I find that the casing is easily stained. With version 2 (actually nothing changed except with color options and new casing), it comes with a better casing (I believe) that is said to be stain resistant.

So, now is a good chance for you to grab this product again. They are now available on Indiegogo.

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