My First Flight with DJI Mavic Pro in Singapore (video)

Here is my first time flying the DJI Mavic Pro right after my unboxing. Although there are a lot of videos of the Mavic Pro, you have to take into account that I have never flown a drone before. This is my first drone and my first time flying one. Fortunately, seems like everything goes well.


Check out my footage. Just for your info, I actually forgot to press the recording button on some footage when it was in flight. When I return home, I realized that they were missing. I have to quickly charge the battery and go back to the same spot to record again. Haha.


I think the Mavic Pro is really stable with all the sensors and technology built in. BTW, I have to ditch the beginner’s mode after 10 minutes because it is very restrictive (on height). Anyway, it is good to fly with the simulator first before trying out. Reading the manual also helps. Have fun with your drone.

Battery life is short (but long in the drone world) and I think it is good to have a few batteries. BTW, the drone is really hot after 20 minutes of flight. There are so many other features that I have not tried. Will try to learn them soon.


Please note that there are many places in Singapore that are restricted to fly Drone or kites. The area that I flown is one of them. This is my first and last flight in that area. Notice that I only fly along the river so that I do not invade anyone’s privacy.


Please observe the laws in Singapore as I hope that my post will not cause people to fly the drones anywhere they fly.

(Map source:

  • DroneSG

    Is the drone available in singapore?

  • joeteh

    This drone is super “hot” and demand for it worldwide is overwhelming.. I checked the Apple Store Singapore and delivery is 6 weeks (approx.).

  • robin

    any place near sengkang where we can fly drones? (newbie)

  • joeteh

    Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a good place in SK to fly a drone.

  • robin

    oh too bad.. >.<.. anyways thanks

  • zepu

    In the map, can we fly drones in areas where kites are allowed under 200ft?

  • joeteh

    Actually, tis is very subjective as flying a camera drone means tat some account of privacy has to be taken. anyway, I don’t think there are a lot of place to fly a drone or kites…

  • chipmunk

    Get from DJI store straight, you will receive at your doorstep in less than 5 days. Average for me and my friends were 4 days from purchase to receiving the item.

  • Dennis Ho

    singapore is super strict when it comes to drone. CAAS has a set of rules, and Nparks has another set of rules that overwrites CAAS. Effectively, all parks under Nparks are no drone zone. other than those “state land” in pasir ris, where else do you fly?

  • Thi Ha

    Do you still fly? Have you travelled with it? Is it easy to carry around especially with the small kids? Thanks.

  • joeteh

    I am still flying it, and had travelled with it. Here is a footage from Norway:

    It is light and foldable. Easy to carry around. With kids around, safety is a concern as the blades are spinning at high speed. Do take note of various rules/regulations in the countries you intended to fly the drone with.