Winning Designs of ‘FashionTechWears’ Design Competition

Here are the winning designs of ‘FashionTechWears’ Design Competition by EZ-Link and Temasek Polytechnic. The whole idea is to bring original innovative wearable designs that has the functionality and appeal for future EZ-Link wearables. Check them out.

First prize winner in the Product Design category is ‘Varia


Here are some ideas on real life usage.



Second prize winner is ‘EZ-CLIP



Third prize winner is ‘EZ-Wear



Here is the Press Release

Press Release

EZ-Link and Temasek Polytechnic announced winning designs of ‘FashionTechWears’ Design Competition

SINGAPORE, 05 October 2016 – EZ-Link Pte Ltd and Temasek Polytechnic today announced the winning designs of the EZ-Link ‘FashionTechWears’ (‘FTW’) Design Competition, a wearable technology competition. The winning designs have been selected by a panel of judges comprising representatives from EZ-Link Pte Ltd, Temasek Polytechnic and Watchdata Technologies Pte Ltd.

The EZ-Link ‘FTW’ Design Competition recognises original, innovative wearable technology designs that combine functionality and appeal to bring about a new generation of EZ-Link wearables for payment on public transport and other micro payments. Opened to all students from the School of Design in Temasek Polytechnic, the competition received more than 50 entries. EZ-Link is awarding cash prizes of $10,000 in total to the eight winning teams and individuals in two categories: Product Design and Skin Graphic Design.

Emerging as the first prize winner in the Product Design category is ‘Varia’, a trendy, chic modular design which comes with a number of accessories such as necklace and wristband. The second prize winner ‘EZ-CLIP’ combines practicality and comfort with a wristband module in sleek and fashionable colours. Drawing inspiration from asymmetrical fashion design, ‘EZ-WEAR’ clinched the third prize with a futuristic wristband featuring interlock straps that locks on tension. In the Skin Graphic Design category, the three winners re-imagined the landscape of modern Singapore and illustrated them on the wearables.

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“The EZ-Link ‘FTW’ Design Competition opened up a creative space for Temasek Polytechnic students to envision the future of wearable technology. With the rising popularity of wearables, this is also an opportunity for EZ-Link to tap upon our pool of young talents and nurture their interest in next-generation technology. We are impressed by their creativity and hope to work with our partners to bring the winning designs to the next stage of development,” said Nicholas Lee, Chief Executive Officer, EZ-Link Pte Ltd.

“Our partnership with EZ-Link offered an opportunity for Temasek Polytechnic students to put their knowledge into practice by designing products for the real world. The competition highlighted a myriad of entries that stretched the confines of design creativity, both visually and conceptually, along with winning designs that exemplify enunciated pragmatism with purpose. We are proud of their achievements and look forward to giving them even more learning experience beyond the classroom in the future,” said competition judge Benny Tan, Manager, BeyonDesign Centre, Temasek Polytechnic.

“It is our great honour to sponsor this competition. We are highly impressed by the students’ innovative and creativity, as well as their passion and enthusiasm in the new technology. In line with our smart wearable device which has CEPAS payment feature and fitness tracker, we look forward to turning the winning designs from concept to real products in the near future,” said Richard Ni, Sales Manager, Payment & ID International, Watchdata Technologies Pte Ltd.


About EZ-Link Pte Ltd

EZ-Link Pte Ltd was formed on 8 January 2002. Its core business is the clearing and settlement of all ez-link card transactions generated in transit and non-transit (retail/merchant) environments, as well as the sale, distribution and overall management of ez-link cards. To date, more than 17 million new CEPAS-compliant ez-link cards have been issued. This is in tandem with the government’s plan to promote cashless payments in Singapore. In line with this vision, the new ez-link card is now also accepted as a mode of payment for Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and at carparks fitted with the Electronic Payment System (EPS) when used in the dual-mode in-vehicle unit. In 2013, EZ-Link launched the “My EZ-Link Mobile” application, the world’s first Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile application for contactless card top-ups. In 2015, EZ-Link unveiled two new innovations in Singapore, EZ-Charms, the first non-card form factor, as well as the EZ-Link Rewards with Perx to reward commuters for using public transport with the ez-link card. In 2016, EZ-Pay was launched as the first card-less account-based ERP payment service in Singapore, which ensures motorists no longer need a stored value card in their in-vehicle unit or worry about low card value when passing ERP gantries.

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About Watchdata Technologies Pte Ltd

Watchdata Technologies, ( is a recognized pioneer in digital authentication and transaction security. Watchdata was founded in Beijing in 1994, and has international headquarter in Singapore since 2000. With another 10 regional offices, Watchdata are serving customers in over 60 countries worldwide. Our customers include mobile network operators, financial institutions, transport operators, governments and leading business enterprises. Watchdata solutions provide daily convenience and security to over 1 billion mobile subscribers, 80 million e-banking customers and 50 million commuters. In Singapore, through closely working with our partners, we have been dedicating to bring innovative and secure products to Singaporean’s daily life, products include CEPAS card, bank cards, smart wearable, etc. Watchdata also offers a wide range of product line, including smart wearable device, smart mobile terminal, contact and contactless EMV cards, UICC, e-ID and transportation smartcards, online security tokens, card readers and electronic toll collection (ETC) devices. Our end-to-end solutions include secure hardware, operating systems, software applications, and services such as personalization and remote lifecycle management.