Apple iPhone 7 Event and Leaked Casing Pictures

The date is drawing near. Apple has sent out an invite for an event on the 7th September and many are suspecting it will be the unveiling of the Apple iPhone 7 (and along with some other products). On the invite, it shows many circles of color and I think that they resemble bokeh.


Of course, Apple is not saying a thing but with so many recent leaks of the next generation iPhone, we might be able to assume that these “bokeh” are from a good camera or lens. In most leaked pictures, we can see that there is a version of the supposedly iPhone with 2 rear camera lenses.


If these leaked pictures are real, the possibility of achieving a shallow depth-of-field (DoF) by using software via the displacement of the dual lenses can be achieved. BTW, Apple is NOT the first company to have dual rear camera. Huawei P9 is already fitted with such configuration (and with Leica lenses). Anyway, we shall be able to know it soon.

From the leaked pictures, we might assume that there will be more than one variant of the next gen iPhone. One is with the dual rear camera that many are calling it iPhone 7 Pro, iPhone Pro or iPhone 7 Plus and the other is with only a single rear camera (and smaller screen size) that is assumed to be iPhone 7.


Here is another picture and I am assuming that the silver one on the left is actually iPhone 6 Plus and on the right is the next gen iPhone.


There are many other pictures. Click HERE to check them out. Today, saw another leaked information on the iPhone. Spigen, a casing company for mobile phones, actually officially put up the Spigen iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus case collection.

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There are even pricing on them. You can actually pre-order them and get it delivered in October. Check out their iPhone 7 pictures. They look the same as those leaked pictures.


Follow the link to check these casing out.

Click Here to Spigen iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Casing Collection

In recent years, it seems that there is little secret on the shape and design of iPhone. The only thing that I look forward to now is more information and in-depth demonstration on the software and hardware innovation (if any) which we cannot see via these leaked pictures.

So, be a little patient. You will be seeing and talking about the real thing soon.