Kickstarter Coming to Singapore and Hong Kong Soon

Great news for Kickstarter fans and creators from Singapore. Kickstarter is coming to Singapore soon. If you are a Kickstarter creator in Singapore, it will be a lot easier to manage your campaign in future. Currently, you may need to set up overseas bank account, understand local tax and etc before you even start the campaign.




With Kickstarter in Singapore, you should be able to tap on local resources to get everything done for your project or campaign. For backers (like me), hopefully, we can support a campaign in SGD instead of USD or other currencies, and enjoy free shipping for the rewards in Singapore.

If you are wondering if Singapore is active on Kickstarter, just go to the more successful Kickstarter projects and click on the community tab. I can bet with you that most probably, Singapore will be the top 5 cities with the most backers. In fact, in the Countries category, Singapore is usually in the top 10.

Here are some campaigns that I backed recently. You can see that Singapore is always top.



Not sure how and why they selected Singapore and Hong Kong to be the first Asia countries for Kickstarter, it is still good news from all of us here. I really hope to see more local creators on the platform.

Check out the blog post from TechinAsia for more information.