This Omnicharge Powerbank Can Power Your Laptop and More (video)

Omnicharge is not your typical power bank although it has an internal battery (13,600mAh or 20,400mAh). It can power up your AC devices like fans, lamps, TVs and more and charges your typical devices like laptops, smartphones and etc. Although there are many such devices in the market, none of them looks as sleek as Omnicharge and with so many features.


Currently, it is on crowd-funding platform, Indiegogo, with just a week to go before the project ends. If you are interested, do take a look over there as there are a lot more details which I might have missed out.

Introduction Video


As you can see from the video, it has a few interesting features which I believe is unique for Omnicharge. It has a universal charging capability. Just plug in a barrel type connector to the input, the internal CPU will take care of the power to charge the Omnicharge internal battery. No worries of overheating or such. Imagine if you are in a situation where you need to charge the Omnicharge. You can literally plug in any power source to charge it. Super convenient.

There is also rapid charging from the USB ports which I believe some modern smartphones will benefit from it. And one important feature is the flow through charging. You can charge the Omnicharge while it is charging other devices. This is a great time-saving feature.

If you are worried about product safety, check this out.


Actually, in the initial phase, I did not want to support this project as the output voltage from the Omnicharge is 120vAC which is not compatible to Singapore (and some countries) power outlets. Fortunately, they decided to add in International voltage functionality after hearing feedbacks.

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However, to keep the sleek shape and size of the Omnicharge, it will still come with socket type A&B which is supported in the USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico, China, Taiwan & other ASEAN countries but not Singapore. This is not a big problem as there are many adapters in the market to overcome this.

To see what it can charge, here is a chart



And here is the specs of the Omnicharge.


So far, after comparing some other projects, this Omnicharge seems to be the nicer one and has more features. If you are interested, there is still some time before the project ends. I just hope that the delivery can be around the stated October period (usually crowd-funding projects are not so reliable on their delivery dates).

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