Leaked Video Shows iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro (video)

It is up to you to believe. A new video has surfaced showing what seems to be the next generation of iPhone. There is no way to authenticate the video from China but the handsets look similar to the ones that were leaked last week.


According to rumors, the next generation iPhone may have 3 variants –  iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro or it may be called entirely a different name (I am betting on iPhone Pro, just like the iPad Pro). The iPhone Pro (if it is true) is the most interesting as it has a dual rear camera lens. You can see it in the video too.

Shape-wise, it looks similar to current iPhone except that the lightning port is now on the top and the 3.5mm jack seems to be still around (rumor is saying that Apple will kill the 3.5mm jack).

No lightning port on the bottom of the phone
Seems like the Lightning Port and 3.5mm jack have moved to the top

Other than this, the design remains the same. Actually, I believe these supposedly handsets are just chassis of the phone for manufacturers to prepare accessories like casings or covers.

Time for you to check out the video.

BTW, the launch date for iPhone 7 seems to be on the 12th September and the sales date is 16th September according to Evan Blass, my trusted “information center”.