Here is How to Get Prisma App for Android Officially

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The Prisma app is officially available on Android now. Just a few days ago, I reported that you might be able to get the Prisma Beta. Today, it is officially on Google Play store. I have some fun with it and I am actually very impressed except for a few “issues”.

Left: Output from Prisma, Right: Original

As you can see from the above picture, the Prisma app with its artificial intelligence, has created a paint-like effect on the original picture. I love the effect. There are many filters to choose from. I have countless fun trying out every single one.

Here are two more pictures that I chose from my gallery and applied the effects from the Prisma app.


Here is one effect from the Prisma app.


And here is another picture taken from my phone and processed with a few Prisma filters.


Some things to take note on the Prisma App:

  • If you don’t like the Prisma Watermark, remember to disable it in the Settings
  • If you want to save the processed pictures to your phone, remember to turn on the “Save artworks automatically”
  • If you don’t want to save the original photos, turn off the “Save original photos”
  • There is no save to Photo Gallery option. You can use the Share option. Some file explorers can save it to phone using this option. The latest version comes with “Save” feature.
  • The “Saved artworks automatically” album did not will appear on my Gallery or Album (for my case). I found it on the local storage with the folder name “Prisma”. I used a File Explorer to locate it.
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Here are some “issues” that I noticed (on this version: 1.0)

  • If you change the filter while it is still processing, you might end up with the wrong filter (I believe this is a bug).
  • If you switch app during processing, it might hang the processing.
  • It will take some time to process a picture. Be patient.
  • There is NO landscape mode. Every picture is in the 1:1 (Square) format (this is the maker’s decision, not a bug).
  • Even if you load a landscape picture, it will crop to 1:1 format.

That is about it. In my opinion, it is still awesome. Waiting for Prisma to fix the problems and release the video feature on this app.

Click Here to Get the Prisma App Officially

PS: You might not find it on Google Play store yet. There are many apps that is called Prisma or try to emulate Prisma. They are NOT the official ones.