Refreshed ZenWatch 2 updated with HyperCharge and Voice Call Function

ASUS refreshes its ZenWatch 2 with new features like the HyperCharge and Voice Call Support function. In my opinion, These are really great updates. As many smart watch users may agree, battery life and charging speed are important. With voice call support, it becomes really convenient to answer ad-hoc calls.


There are two face sizes of ZenWatch 2 – Sparrow (Gunmetal, 1.63-inch) and Wren (Silver, 1.45-inch). Both come with metallic strap option.


Here is the specs of ZwnWatch 2. Unfortunately, it never states the battery life of the watch.


Here is the side and back view.


I think I prefer the metallic strap option.


Here is the Press Release.

Press Release

ASUS ZenWatch 2 Updates with New HyperCharge Function and Voice Call Support Function

The popular smartwatch is now refreshed with longer battery life and an exclusive Hypercharge function that charges twice as fast

  • Latest ASUS ZenWatch 2 launches with new hypercharge function, twice as fast charging with just 60% battery in 15 minutes
  • One of the smartwatches with the longest battery life[1] with up to 400mAh
  • A stylish and truly-personal wearable device powered by Android Wear™
  • With interchangeable watch straps of metallic, leather and rubber straps
  • More than 60 customisable watch faces for every occasion
  • ASUS ZenWatch 2 serves as a smart assistant for both Android and iOS smartphones, and a wellness manager that helps wearers achieve fitness goals

Singapore (24 June 2016) — ASUS today announced the availability of the latest refresh model of ZenWatch 2 with the ASUS exclusive Hypercharge function and longer battery life. The refresh model of ZenWatch 2 can charge up to 60% of battery within 15 minutes[2], which is twice as fast as the previous ZenWatch 2 model. It has one of the longest battery life in the market, as market research has shown that users who bought smartwatches value battery life and design over other factors. The Sparrow model is also updated with voice call function. Similar to the previous version, the refresh model of ZenWatch 2 comes in two sizes and strap designs. The Wren and the Sparrow Hypercharge models are both available in leather and metallic straps with more than 60 instantly-changeable watch faces. The ZenWatch 2 Hypercharge models are retailing at $249 and $319 for the leather and metallic straps respectively from today onwards at all ASUS Brand Stores and selected authorised retailers.

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HyperCharge Function and Updated Features

Based on research done on smartwatch purchases, the top three features for considering a smartwatch was design, battery life and functionality. For the refresh model of ZenWatch 2, the users experience is enhanced with the Hypercharge function, longer battery life and newly added features to assist the wearer. The Hypercharge function enables users to charge up to 60% of battery in just 15 minutes and 100% battery in just 60 minutes[3]. This is twice as fast as the previous ZenWatch 2 model which takes approximately 110 minutes for a full charge cycle. Furthermore, the latest refresh model of the ZenWatch 2 also comes with a bigger battery capacity of up to 400mAh for an overall longer battery life.

In addition, the refresh model of the ZenWatch 2 is also updated with the latest feature that supports voice call on the wrist[4]. Users can now make phone calls through the smartwatch, thus providing an extra benefit to those who value hands-free connectivity. Furthermore, a sleep tracking feature is also included, where users can track their sleep patterns to understand better the ways they sleep each night. The latest refresh model of the ZenWatch 2 comes with more than 60 customised watch faces which provide a more luxurious and personal look to the wrist device.

Stylish Personalised Smartwatch

The ZenWatch 2 features a durable stainless-steel case available in two sizes, 1.63-inch “Sparrow” and 1.45-inch “Wren” models, which fit easily and comfortably on any wrist. A metal crown button adorns the case, echoing traditional watch styling and providing a quick way to access apps and turn the screen on or off. The watch crystal is designed with a gentle curve for an elegant look and improved usability by providing a smooth surface for easy and responsive swiping gestures. It is made from tough Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 for protection against scratches and damage. Complementing its physical design, the ZenWatch 2 comes with over 60 instantly-changeable, professionally-designed software watch faces. The wide variety of designs allows wearers to customise their watch to fit any style, activity, or mood, as well as to create their own watch faces with the look and functionality they desire.

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The refresh model of the ZenWatch 2 with Hypercharge function is retailing at $249 and $319 for the leather and metallic straps respectively from today onwards at all ASUS Brand Stores and selected authorised retailers.

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