Google Previews Google Home, Allo and Duo (video)

It is the Google I/O week and here are the 3 things that impresses me during the Keynote. Check out the Google Home Speaker, the Allo and the Duo app. All of them will be available later this year (not sure if Singapore will get it or not).


Google Home

Google Home is not just a speaker. It is connected to the WiFi, incorporate Google Search with voice assistant, stream music, cascade to different audio system. In fact, it feels like an AI (Artificial Intelligence) built into it. Based on the Keynote and the video, I am so looking forward to it. Check out this embedded video (from the Verge as I could not find the official one from Google).


Allo is a messaging app with a difference. It has built in Google search and very intuitive. For example, when someone sent you a picture of a dog, it can analyze the picture and provide options for you to response like the type of dog and etc and in a very “human” and natural way. And if you talk about food, it will bring up the Google Search and even help you to book a table at a restaurant, all within the Allo app.

And if you are paranoid over security or privacy, it has an incognito mode (like in Chrome browser) that allows you to set expiry date to the messages and not able to retrieve back the messages once deleted.


Duo is a video call app. One of the features is the preview function. For example, for an incoming video call, instead of showing just the name of the person, it will preview the video call. You can choose to accept or reject it. Here is a video of how it works.

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