Goodbye 2015, Welcome 2016

It is that time of the year that many will set new goals for the coming new year, 2016. It has been a rather fast year here at TechieLobang and on my personal life. Life goals are met, new goals unlocked. It is indeed a challenging year.


Since the start of TechieLobang, many adjustments had been made to make TechieLobang relevant and updated in terms of stories and social engagement. It will not stop. Looking back at 2015, there are more stories on PEV/PMD such as Ninebot Mini Pro, hoverboards, e-Scooter. I believe this will carry on to 2016. So, be prepared for more news/rants on the e-Transport scene especially in Singapore.

One of my regrets is that I don’t have enough time to write compelling topics that I love. If you remember my rant about e-Transport in Singapore, it is still going strong after one and a half year. I hope to write more of such topics and voice more of my opinion on this blog.

Moving forward, you might find lesser posts on TechieLobang as I hope to curate my posts carefully. With social media, there are so many other ways to share things now. In fact, I shared more things via TechieLobang Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and etc.

However, some things do not change. I will continue to post Press Releases in their original form so as not to miss out any important information for the readers. I know some will say that copy/paste is a waste of time and lacks originality. Depending on which angle we are looking at, you can be right or wrong. If you have not tried or see that something as described in the Press Releases, what kind of opinion can you provide? You might have vast experiences on different gadgets to come out with good opinion. I have my fair share of wrong/unfair judgement on some products for the fact that I did not have the chance to take a deeper look on them before I open my mouth.

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I will continue to support Startups especially those in Singapore. honestbee is one of them that I really look forward to now and in the near future. Another passion of mine is Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Although I have bad experiences with some of these crowd funding sites, the positive experiences are enough to keep me supporting them.

I will take this opportunity to wish everyone (especially TechieLobang Supporters, readers, subscribers) a great 2016 and a very happy New Year

Happy New Year, Happy 2016, Everyone!


Joe Teh

Founder, TechieLobang

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