Ordinary Photos come to Life with LifePrint (video)

People say a picture says a thousand word. What if this picture can turn into a video? LifePrint (on Kickstarter now) is going to change how we look at pictures. Using Augmented Reality and their HyperPhotos technology, an ordinary photograph comes to life through your smartphone app.


Currently, the project has been funded. The trick to make the photo comes to life is that they have embedded the video into the photo.

When you choose a photo, you can embed a video into it. The maximum length of the video is 15 seconds and it will be uploaded to the cloud. So anyone with the app can see the video when the photo is printed via the LifePrint printer. Do note that the creator will store the videos on their server (free for LifePrint Users) and they are not talking much about them. Check out how it is done.

The paper that the printer use is Zink which seems to be easily available via some online shops.

Check Out LifePrint on Kickstarter Now

Did I mention that you can actually print GoPro pictures on the move with LifePrint. In fact, it supports many social media apps like Instagram, Vine, GoPro and etc. With its built in battery, I believe if there are enough users, it will be fun exchanging photos (yes, you can send your photo to anyone in the community so that they can print out on their LifePrint printer).