Alcatel Flash 2 Unboxing and First Look (Video)

Thanks to Alcatel, I am able to have an early preview of the Alcatel Flash 2 Android Smartphone which will be available in Singapore from early December. I do not have the pricing of this Android phone yet. Do check out my unboxing video.



Here is the unboxing video.

Back View

My first impression of the Flash 2 is its back. It has a rough non-smudge back which is good as you can hold the phone confidently without slipping. And on its back, it has a 13 MPX rear camera with F/2.0 aperture. I have not really tried out the camera but based on my understanding, it is one of the biggest talk point on this smartphone.


Here is the phone speaker.


And as shown in the video, the back can be opened up. On the upper part, you can see a MicroSD card slot and two 4G SIM card slots that are hot swappable.


Here is the rear cover. It is very thin and flexible.


Front View

On its front, it has a 5 MPX camera (F/2.2 aperture) with flash. Based on the specs, it has a larger image sensor (1/4-inch OV5648 Sensor) than most phones.


The Alcatel has a center button (touch button) with two soft buttons as shown below.


Top/Bottom View

The top consists of a 3.5mm jack and a microphone. The bottom consists of the Micro USB port and a microphone. Since there are two microphones, I think there might be noise cancelling feature (need to verify).


Side View

On one side, it is totally clean with no buttons. On the other side, it consists of a power on/off button, a rocker volume switch and a shutter button for the camera.

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In the Box

No surprises in the box. It has a standard earphones, a Micro USB cable and a charger. As this set is from Vietnam, it has a 2-pin plug instead of the usual 3-pin plug for Singapore market.


The review unit comes with a flip cover. Not sure if this is a standard item or not. Actually, the flip cover is just another rear cover with a flip. You will need to remove the existing rear cover to use the flip cover. It is very basic. Nothing much to talk about.


That is it for the unboxing. Did not discover any surprises. I will try out the phone for a few days for a first impression of it. BTW, after I powered on, I played with it for a while. Here is my initial thoughts. I love the UI. It is clean. There is no other UI overlay. It is using Android L UI with material design. The icons are neat and flat (which is nice and good). So far, the phone is responsive and the cameras are fast.

If I were to pick a flaw based on my very first impression, I will think that the Flash word on the rear cover must go. It is a little distracting. I would rather do without it.

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