Exclusive Preview: Ninebot Mini Pro (Video)

Thanks to Ninebot Asia’s invite, a few of us were able to preview the latest Ninebot Mini Pro. As you might already know, Ninebot has two version of Mini – Xiaomi Ninebot Mini for China’s market and the Ninebot Mini Pro for overseas market. Thankfully, Singapore is one of the six countries to get the first batch of Ninebot Mini Pro.



Differences between Ninebot Mini and Ninebot Mini Pro

For a quick start, I need to share with you the differences between the Ninebot Mini and Mini Pro because many might have seen some online platforms that are already taking orders for the Ninebot Mini and mistaken that for Ninebot Mini Pro. In my opinion, there are quite a number of differences between the two. Without doubts, I like the Ninebot Mini Pro for its better specs and features.

Features of the Ninebot Mini Pro

Currently, Ninebot Singapore office has the one and only Ninebot Mini Pro. We were lucky to try it yesterday. Here is the first look of the Ninebot Mini Pro.


From the video, you will realize that the Mini Pro for the international market will have an adjustable knob to adjust the stem to fit to various body sizes (Mini does not have). This, in my opinion, is very important because as the left/right control of the Mini Pro is via this stem, the right height is necessary to control it properly. The optimal height is knee level.



And here is the padding for control.P1320099m

One of the features of the Mini Pro is the retractable hidden rod with in-built balance assistance function. In layman term, you can just pull it along in places where Mini Pro could not be used. I tried it and found it to be very intuitive and easy to use.


The Mini Pro comes with fixed front and back light. It is a safety feature and there is NO on/off switch for them. Once the power is on, the light will turn on. Safety first!!


The back light of the Mini Pro is customizable via the Ninedroid app (for iOS and Android). Here are some variation.


Check out this video showing how the lighting can be customized.

BTW, the Ninebot Mini Pro can be remotely controlled via bluetooth. Once the Mini Pro is connected to your smart device (Android or iOS), you can use the Ninedroid app to control it. For me, I will not use it but for demo purpose, it will be a head turner.

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Check out this video.

One of the usage of the Ninedroid app is to lock the Mini Pro. Once locked, if someone tried to push, pull or lift it, there will be alarm with lights. However, at only 12.8kg, I think if someone wants to steal it, it will be gone anyway.

In terms of storage, you Mini Pro will take out a bigger footprint (comparing with other hoverboards) because of the stem. You can actually remove it if needed. It is held by a catch which can be easily removed without any tool.



Here is the catch that locks the stem.



Here is how it is being removed



I took a few minutes to learn how to ride on the Mini Pro and here is my results after trying out for 10 to 15 minutes.

I have some difficult time trying to turn the Ninebot Mini Pro as I am not used to it. I believe I can get a hang on it if I have more time.

Availability and Pricing of Ninebot Mini Pro

As of now, Lazada has the exclusive to sell the Ninebot Mini Pro. From my understanding, those who subscribed to their newsletter already received information on pre-order. In fact, the pre-order is already closed. On the availability, it is slated to be available end-November and pricing is a mystery (even for those who pre-ordered).

Based on Ninebot, the pricing will be very “good” for those who pre-ordered first.

Some figures for you to guess Ninebot Mini Pro price range. With reference to the Xiaomi Ninebot Mini (with lower specs), it is sold at RM1,999 (approx. S$436) in China. Currently, some online shops are bringing in the Ninebot Mini and pricing is around approx S$700.

I believe the price for Mini Pro with higher specs will be much higher, especially it is brought in by the official source. I will not want to speculate here but based on our discussion with Ninebot yesterday, there is a tiny hint that the pricing will have a 9 in it 🙂 for those who pre-ordered.


Many people, like myself, will definitely compare the Ninebot Mini Pro with other hoverboards (or Smart Wheels as some may call)(see picture below). They look similar (except for the stem) but in terms of control, the hoverboard uses individual pedal to control the turning.


I have tried both (as an amateur) and here is my initial verdict:

In tight corners, the hoverboard has the advantage as its turning radius is almost zero. The pedals control the individual wheels to spin. By putting on foot forward and one backward, the hoverboard can turn on the spot. For Mini Pro, when you use your knee to touch the control to turn, one wheel will slow down or stop and the other wheel will continue to make the turn. It has minimum turning radius but definitely not zero.

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The hoverboard requires some “courage” and time to learn. I learned the hoverboard in about 10 minutes while I learned the Mini Pro in 3 or less minutes. In terms of balancing, both are equally good (Note: depends on the hoverboard’s software) but the Mini Pro, with the stem, has a sense of better balancing especially when you go through a hump or slightly uneven surface.

For beginners like me, I tend to try to touch the stem on the Mini Pro as an assurance. However, I believe with more practices, you can easily ride the Mini Pro forward without touching it.

At a maximum speed of 18km/hr and a full charge distance of 30km, I think it is good  enough for most usage. If you do not want a steep learning curve like the Uniwheels (e.g. Ninebot One E+), you can pick up the Ninebot Mini Pro and start using it almost immediately.

Overall, a well built product with smooth acceleration and deceleration. The only question I have is the price point as many people will be using it as a decision to buy (or not). If price is good, I can imagine many people will be “seduced” by its good look.

Click Here to Check Out the Ninebot Mini Pro at Lazada Singapore

If you have questions about Mini Pro, please comment and I will reply them. If I can’t answer them, I can get Ninebot experts to answer 🙂 . Feel free to shoot your questions.

Oh.. one more thing. The Ninebot Mini Pro will actually monitor your usage pattern and adapt itself to it. So, every Mini Pro might be slightly different.

Here is the official Press Release

Press Release

Ninebot Mini Pro

Robotic Transporter Made Affordable

At Ninebot, thinking differently and innovating sustainably isn’t just a slogan. We are guided by the vision of wide-spread adoption of technology, contributing to the compounding pace of development in efficient electrical drive system.

The debut of Ninebot in mid-2014 opened the flood-gate to the short-distance mobility industry and made it possible for enterprise adoption [SME even]. Launched in February 2015, Ninebot ONE the single wheel gyro-balanced Electric Unicycle was a success with the energetic and tech-savvy user worldwide.

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With the goal of promoting rapid development of the industry and leading the revolution of mobile robotics solutions. Ninebot Mini Pro aims to put this technology in the hands [literally, legs] to the man-on-the-street.

Ninebot Mini Pro is the International Edition of a self-balancing two wheel transporter. Singapore is one of the six countries worldwide to receive the first batch of Mini Pro. You don’t see the usual handle bar, throttle or brakes. When you stand firmly on-board the Mini Pro it assumes your center of gravity and the in-built robotic sensors translate your body movement to direction and propulsion. This is when Man and Ninebot becomes one. Mini Pro is defined as smart technology for the young urban consumers. Unlike the Ninebot ONE E-unicycle, it is easy to ride and most if not all will learn to use it in a matter of minutes.

Mini Pro CV


  • It is compact and lightweight, weighing only 12.8kg.
  • Choice use of the structural metal magnesium alloy body, lighter and stronger.
  • Speed of 16-18km / h, up to 22-30km driving distance in a single charge.
  • Excellent stability and dynamic balancing.
  • Able to engage 15 degrees steep slopes or crosses small obstacles with ease;
  • cool lighting system, for both safety and aesthetic performance;
  • an intelligent battery management system (BMS) to ensure battery safety;
  • artificial intelligence algorithms automatically adapt to different driving habits, allowing users to obtain the best driving experience and safety;
  • smart phone connection, keep control of everything, and enjoy fun of smart riding
  • oh, wait… there is even a cool smart remote control to direct your Mini Pro within Bluetooth range.
  • Official TVC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66wxD9cqUZ4

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