Xiaomi Introduces Ninebot Mini (Video)

Today, Xiaomi introduces Ninebot Mini in a event in Beijing. The Ninebot Mini is a Segway-like transport that you can travel on. It is very portable, has its own app and has many features that I guess many will love.


For those who have been following the Electric Scooters (e-Scooter), AirWheel news, you will know the Ninebot brand. It recently bought over the company Segway that is famous for its Segway personal transport. And one of its major investor is Xiaomi.

The Ninebot Mini will cost about RMB1,999 (around S$436) when launched (from 3rd November in China ONLY). It can carry a person up to 85kg and can travel at maximum 16km/hr with a maximum distance of 22km. It weighs a hefty 12.8kg and can be fully charged in 4 hours.


There is an Android app that can connect the Ninebot Mini. I love the fact that it is waterproof  (IP54 – slight rain). From the above pictures, I guess many will not know how it will actually looks like when a person mount on it. Here is a picture.


I also dug out some videos on the actual Ninebot Mini. Check them out.

Here is the intro video.

I know many people will want to know more about it. Check out their official website.


Really hope to try it one day. It could be a very nice last mile solution.

PS: Not sure why are many of the media calling this a hoverboard. It is not and  does not look like one. Period.