Reserve the Light L16 Camera with 16 Lenses today

Finally the Light L16 is finally available for reservation from today. It has 16 lenses, multiple apertures and DSLR-like quality that no other cameras in the market have. It is targeted to arrive in late Summer 2016 in the US at a special price of USD1,699 (currently, if you reserve it at launch month, you get another USD400 discount).


Some may ask why this smartphone-looking camera is so expensive. The answer is that it is totally a revolutionary new product class and there is no others in the market to compare the price. With its multiple lenses and aperture, it is able to combine the pictures into a beautiful and high quality one (52 MPX) easily.

When a snap a picture, it actually fires 10 cameras (each with a fixed focal length) and cleverly combines them in a final picture. You can also have the option to change the focus even after you complete the shoot too. With this Light L16 camera, it is like having 3 prime lenses and a zoom lens from 35mm to 150mm in your pocket. Check out the introduction video.

Click Here to Check Out the Official Website

Do you think this will change the way we take pictures? I will need to see the final results to be convinced.