Microsoft Introduces Surface Book that is a Tablet and Laptop (video)

Microsoft today really wow the audiences. When everyone is thinking that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is their latest flagship product, they did the unthinkable (in a good way) by introducing the Microsoft Surface Book. It looks like a MacBook-inspired laptop but it has a few secrets that I am really impressed!


While everyone is already in awe about this new product, Surface Book, which becomes a new category (laptop) from Microsoft, Microsoft did the “one more thing” by showing off a special design hinge (Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge) that allows the Surface Book to be separated from the keyboard to become a really sleek tablet. And yes, it has a stylus that can be attached to the side.


Check out the way the tablet is separated from the keyboard.


It uses a special locking mechanism invented by Microsoft, the Muscle Wire Lock.


What’s more. You can reverse the screen and plug it back into the hinge.


Check out the product video.


Personally, I think Microsoft is killing its competition with yet another product that is beyond people’s expectation. And the fact that they can keep this secret till the event is another achievement unlocked.

BTW, I have yet to talk about the specifications. In brief, this Surface Book has 6th Gen Intel Core i7 chip, a GPU and RAM up to 16GB and a SSD up to 1 TB. This is really good specs.

The price starts from USD1,499 and pre-order starts from 7th October and officially available from the 26th October. Not sure if Singapore has the same date. I am still waiting for the official Press Release.

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