iRobot Roomba 980 is now IOT ready (video)

In 12 hours (as of this writing), iRobot will launch the latest iRobot Roomba 980. It will be their first robot to be controlled by an app (iOS and Android) and connected to WiFi aka IOT (Internet of Things).


I have been searching for the perfect vacuum cleaning robot for the longest time. There are so many brands right now in the market. Only a few caught my eyes. One of them is definitely iRobot (the original maker of such robots) for its Roomba series. The other is Dyson 360 Eye (which is only available in Japan).

Back to Roomba. Here is an intro video of the Roomba 980

Many people asked me what is the best vacuum robots in the market right now. Seriously, I have not owned one before (because I m super choosy) and until now, I am still researching.

For now, my opinions/criterias are:

  • Powerful vacuum
  • Intelligent sensing and mapping
  • Low Noise
  • Good battery life
  • Self charging
  • Remote Controllable
  • Good spare parts support
  • Low maintenance
  • Hepa filter or equivalent

Of course, price is also one of the factors. However, I also believe in the value of the products. That is why I hesitate to get one at any roadshows or IT Shows even though the price is good (low).

Now that the Roomba 980 is coming soon (not sure when it will reach Singapore), I will wait. I am also hoping that the prices of the other Roomba robots will drop. Here is a breakdown of the features of the Roomba robots. Prices in USD.


Click Here to Check Out iRobot Roomba 980

For Singapore market, here is the link to their website

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If you have a good recommendation, do let me know.