Snap Drone shoots 4K video at 1K pricing (video)

This drone, Snap, from Vantage Robotics, is something I always wish for. With its gentle learning curve to learn to fly, 4K video recording, Gimbal stabilizer, modular design for future expansion, virtual wire tracking and more, I am basically in love with it. And if you pre-order now, you get it at below USD1,000.


I like their ideas (for future expansion) of longer range, longer flight time and even unlimited flight range via cellular. Like its name implies, Snap has snap-on parts using magnets. So, when it encounters a crash, it just snap to protect the parts. Check out the video introducing Snap.

I checked the pre-order. Currently, the price is at USD895 (till 22nd September) with USD35 for shipping to Singapore. Delivery is Spring 2016 (that is about 1 year from now).

Click Here to Check Out the Specifications of Snap

Now, it makes Lily looks like a toy.


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