230,000 Tweets about National Day Parade 2015 (#NDP2015)

Singapore’s 50th National Day Parade has broke another record. On the day itself (9th August 2015), Twitter registered the most tweets (230,000 tweets) about Singapore National Day Parade 2015 based on the hashtag #NDP2015, setting a new Twitter record for a one-day event in Singapore. Previous Twitter record for one-day event in Singapore was over 100,000 Tweets for the One Direction concert on 11th March 2015.


Check out TwitterReverb to see the trend on #NDP2015. The peak is 570 tweets per minute at around 8:30pm on 9th August. There are also many interesting tweets. On of them is from SGAG about ta Chiobu (pretty girl) that was captured on National TV. BTW, her identity had been identified (Emma Li, who shares the same birthday as Singapore, if you are interested), thanks to the favorite pastime of some Singaporean CSI 🙂 .

Again, Happy Birthday Singapore


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