WalkCar, the world smallest electric vehicle (video)

If you have been looking for a PEV (Personal Electric Vehicle) and you think that the current ones are too bulky, check out the WalkCar. It is a very flat electric vehicle that allows you to carry it like a laptop.


Pre-order for this little PEV starts in October on Kickstarter. Not sure about the price and I am sure it will create a lot of interest for many people. Check out this cool video.

WalkCar is from company, cocoa motors. Check out their website.


If the pricing is right and has the right specs, I think this will definitely be one of the coolest things in 2015. What do you think? BTW, don’t expect it to be able to go over rugged terrain. Seems to me WalkCar is just for flat surface. From the video, it seems that it has a high torque that enables it to climb slope with a load.

Super excited over its launch in October 2015.


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