Music in Your Ears with FiiO X5 II High Res DAP

Check out the this FiiO X5 II high resolution DAP (Digital Audio Player). If you love music and cannot compromise on the sound quality (i.e. lossless.. almost), you need to read on.


Currently, it is available at S$529  in major retail stores like HMV, Isetan, Jaben, (online), The Headphones Gallery, Song Brothers, DigiVue and authorized FiiO dealers. Here are more details of the FiiO X5 II copy from the PR email. I am not an audiophile but looking at the specs, it is very convincing on the sound quality part 🙂 .

With the great success of the entry level FiiO X1 (SRP $159) launched in end December 2014 and the new mid-priced X3 II (SRP $299) just in early May 2015. FiiO, a market leader in portable High-resolution Digital Audio Players (DAPs), portable audio amplifiers and USB DACs brings a giant leap for your ears with the launch of the All New FiiO X5 II High-resolution Digital Audio Player (SRP $529).
Product Features
  • Good sound comes from a quality power supply, 14V power supply for best power in class, up to 40% from last generation X5.
  • Supports major lossless formats such as WAV, FLAC, APE, WMA, ALAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless and more at up to 192 kHz/24 bit.
  • The all-new X5 utilizes an all-new digital audio architecture and is able to decode Native DSD64/128, and directly plays SACD ISOs.
  • Texas Instrument’s flagship DAC, X5 II functions as a USB DAC for your PC/Laptop.
  • Dual Crystal Oscillators to achieve <1ps jitter on all output sampling frequencies.
  • 15% Lighter, 12% smaller and more ergonomic design to previous X5 model.
  • Dual micro SD card slots, supporting up to 256GB of memory.
  • From “off” to “on” in 0 seconds flat. Deep-sleep standby for instant-on music in everyday use.
  • To further benefit portable usage, the all new X5 also supports headsets with CTIA-standard in-line remotes, allowing operations such as play / pause, skip, fast forward and backward to be controlled remotely.
  • The all-new X5 II also supports 10-EQ and user-defined playlist (.m3u/m3u8).
  • Spots a 2.4”, HD IPS Screen.
  • Premium brushed metal exterior finish (Aluminium Alloy).
  • Weight: 165g, Dimensions: 109mm x 63.5mm x 15.3mm
  • >10 hrs Battery Life
For full X5 II Product Specifications, please click here.
For full comparison of the X5 with X3 and X1, please click here.
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