Accessories now available for ASUS Zenfone 2

If you own an ASUS Zenfone 2 or planning to get one, here is the good news. ASUS has launched some accessories (very limited) to complement this phone. You will be seeing the View Flip Cover or if you like premium stuff, the View Flip Cover Deluxe (available from 8th June – Online store). If you need more “juice”, check out the portable battery pack. Pricing in the Press Release.

ZE551 Cover Silver_ (2)

Press Release

ASUS Launches ZenFone 2 Accessories in Singapore

ASUS launches a range of accessories to compliment the ZenFone 2

Singapore (4th June 2015) – Following the launch of the world’s first 4GB RAM ZenFone 2 on 16 May 2015, ASUS has launched the range of accessories to compliment the ZenFone 2, providing users with a better mobile experience. Launching on 8 June is the ZenPower which is light and powerful, featuring a premium Zen design at only credit-card size. With 10,050mAh capacity and charging power with up to 2.4A output, the ZenFone 2 can be charged efficiently and will never run out of power. The ZenPower retails at $39.90. Protecting the ZenFone 2 is the ASUS View Flip Cover retailing at $39.90, which protects your screen while allowing you to check all your important information without having to open the case. The View Flip Deluxe, which is a premium leather-crafted version retails at $49.90.

ZenPower: Lightweight and Powerful

The ZenPower features a premium Zen design with a lightweight aluminum outer casing making it strong yet beautiful. With an ergonomic feel and smooth finishing plus a vibrant range of colours to choose from, the ZenPower is great on-the-go. With up to 2.4A output changing power, charging the ZenFone 2 using ZenPower provides high-speed and efficient charging.

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With ASUS’ exclusive PowerSafe technology, it monitors the temperature and regulates both the input and output voltages to guard against short circuits, providing maximum security to the user whilst charging. Furthermore, the ZenPower has undergone vigorous testing to ensure its ability to withstand everyday usage and thus, have a longer lifespan.

View Flip Cover

ZenPower 10050_Silver_(13)

A great way to protect your new ZenFone 2 is the View Flip Cover. This accessory not only gives your device protection from bumps and scratches, yet it also provides additional functions that gives you more convenience. The View Flip Cover allows you to view your notifications, messages and calendar, answer calls, and control your playlist without having to open the case. For users who want a more premium cover, the View Flip Cover Deluxe features a leather-crafted cover for a more luxurious feel.

Availability and Pricing

The ZenPower is available at $39.90 at the ASUS Online Store at from 8 June onwards.

The View Flip Cover is available at $39.90 and the View Flip Cover Deluxe is available at $49.90 at the ASUS Online Store at from 8 June onwards.