Canon latest binoculars have Image Stabilization Feature

Pardon me if I sounded excited over these two newly launched binoculars, 10X30 IS II and 12X36 IS III, from Canon. I have not been following binocular news for the longest time. Did you know that these binoculars have built-in high-performance microcomputer incorporating newly-reworked algorithms and vari-angle prisms to compensate for high- and low-frequency movement? Wow.


There is no pricing of these two binoculars yet. They will be announced later. Check out the specs in the Press Release.

Press Release


Image Stabilisation in Canon’s latest binoculars redefine clarity from edge to edge

Canon achieves top-level optical performance through a high level of design and manufacturing technology, high-quality lenses, and superior coating.

SINGAPORE, 20 May 2015 – Canon today launched two successor models in its range of high-performance binoculars. Building on Canon’s renowned Image Stabilisation (IS) technology, wide field-of-view, and extremely high magnification, the 10X30 IS II and 12X36 IS III feature improved IS performance and achieve a high level of optical performance with use of premium materials like Super Spectra Coating.

Image shake in the two binoculars are further reduced with a built-in high-performance microcomputer incorporating newly-reworked algorithms and vari-angle prisms to compensate for high- and low-frequency movement. The 10X30 IS II and 12X36 IS III, weighing 600g and 660g respectively, provide a stable field of view even without the use of a tripod.

“The 10X30 IS II and 12X36 IS III have been manufactured with renowned technology found in Canon’s high performance EF camera lenses, to provide an optimised experience for the user, whether in nature expeditions or spectator sports,” said Edwin Teoh, Assistant Director, Consumer Business Marketing, Canon Singapore. “The portability and newly upgraded Image Stabilisation capability in both models ensure visual comfort when tracking moving subjects at high magnification, with the 12X36 IS III being an all-rounded model providing superior magnification and balance.”

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Improved IS performance with Canon EF technology for a stable field of view

Whilst binoculars with magnification exceeding 10x zoom offers better up-close view, stability can be compromised when held in shaky hands. Although this can be countered with a tripod to support the binoculars, it adds to the amount of equipment required and significantly impairs mobility.

In light of this, Canon binoculars are equipped with image stabilisation mechanisms, with left and right vari-angle prisms controlled by a microcomputer to instantly detect and correct image shake. These microcomputers are similar to the ones found in Canon’s high-performance EF camera lenses, and provide comfort when observing at high magnification without the use of a tripod.

Both 10X30 IS II and 12X36 IS III feature recalibrated algorithms to provide the same high level of IS performance as Canon’s flagship 10x42L IS WP binoculars. This results in smoother tracking when panning, and a stable field of view. The shorter time required to initiate IS operation also ensures that users will not miss out on the best views.

Excellent image quality ensured with topline build quality

The excellent image quality of the binoculars is attributed to the use of high level design and manufacturing technology, which also eliminates any image distortions.

The use of Super Spectra Coating on Canon lens materials suppresses colour bias to maintain high contrast and naturally vivid colours.

Chromatic aberration may occur at the edges of an image in a lens. This occurrence, known as curvature of field, results in blurred images at the sides of the image. Canon binoculars are equipped with a field flattener element and lenses with a high refractive index to prevent image degradation due to curvature of field. These qualities put together ensure a consistent and sharp image quality across the entire field of view

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The binoculars are also manufactured with Ultra-low Dispersion (UD) lenses that further reduce image blurring and bleeding in scenes with bright light sources.

High power efficiency and convenience at your fingertips

The 10X30 IS II and 12X36 IS III feature significantly reduced battery power consumption by incorporating Canon’s latest electronic circuitry and a more energy-efficient design, making it an ideal travelling companion. Continuous usage time for both binoculars on AA alkaline batteries is approximately nine hours, twice that of previous models. The binoculars may also be powered by rechargeable batteries that may be used in place of standard AA alkaline batteries.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and availability of the 10X30 IS II and 12X36 IS III will be advised at a later date.

Specification summary
10X30 IS II
Type: Porro prism binoculars
Magnification: 12x
Objective lens effective diameter: 36mm
Apparent angle of view: 55.3 degrees
1000m field of view: 87.5m
Size: 127 x 174 x 70mm
Weight: 660g

12X36 IS III
Type: Porro prism binoculars
Magnification: 10x
Objective lens effective diameter: 30mm
Apparent angle of view: 55.3 degrees
1000m field of view: 105m
Size: 127 x 150 x 70mm
Weight: 600g

About Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd.

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