Do you want a Smartphone with a cluster of camera modules?

Admit it, camera smartphone is a way of life now. No matter where you go, I am sure you will take out your smartphone with camera to take a quick shot at something interesting. And some of you are really good at it. Now, a new company, Light, is going to do something that might change (or not) the way you take pictures on your smartphone.


They are going to reinvent the camera on smartphones. There is not even a prototype yet (above pic is a render) but the idea of clustering multiple mini camera modules into one is astonishingly interesting (for me).

When you take a picture on this Light smartphone, not one but multiple of cameras will be fired at the same time to capture the shot. The end result is a combination of all these shots into one best shot using software.

..This way, Light believes, it can fit the quality and zoom of a bulky, expensive DSLR camera into much smaller, cheaper packages—even phones.

According to Light, they might be introducing a smartphone with 52MPX in 2016. That is next year.

.. the startup says it expects the first Light cameras, with 52-megapixel resolution, to appear in smartphones in 2016.

Here is a picture of an array of 16 camera modules on a chassis.


Based on the article, it is said that you can refocus on any point in the picture, just like what Lytro can do. I like the idea of such camera smartphone but I wonder who are the intended users. Will you want to carry a bulkier smartphone to take better pictures or will you just carry a DSLR if you need good quality picture?

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With the combined pictures, in my opinion, there will be no way to use the EXIF on the picture to determine the conditions or the settings of the camera when the picture is taken.Anyway, I will need to see a few pictures taken with such camera to convince me that it is a good move to cluster the camera modules.

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