Samsung Galaxy S6 edge suffers the worst bendgate (video)

Remember #Bendgate on iPhone 6 Plus? Well, it seems that the latest phones from Samsung (Galaxy S6) and HTC (M9) suffer from it too. SquareTrade has an equipment to test out how much strength is needed before the phone succumb to the pressure.


Samsung might not like it. It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is the easiest to bend from the three phones (iPhone 6 Plus, HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge).

Check out the video.

After watching the video, I have only one thing to say. All phones will bend under pressure. Nobody will be bending them on purpose though. However, the video actually is a good source of information for manufacturers and designers.

In one of the scene, although HTC is able to take more pressure, the power button is located right the bend, and thus it causes the phone not to be able to power on at all.

In the case of Samsung, the curve screen seems to be the weakest point. I am sure Samsung already know about it. Overall, it seems that iPhone 6 is not bad afterall.


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