If You Want Success in Life, Disruptive Technology is the Way to Go

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Look at these services or products. Music Streaming, WhatsApp, Line, Kakao Talk, capacitive screen smartphone. What do they have in common?


They are all disruptive technologies.

Look at what they have done.

  • Before Music Streaming, CDs were striving. Everyone wants a CD player. Now, CD sales is down and music streaming is the IN thing. Companies that make CDs or CD players must change their game plan immediately.
  • Before WhatsApp, Line, Kakao Talk, SMS is the only way to get your message across. Everyone SMSes to everyone in plain dull words. Now, with all these Messaging apps, you hardly use SMS anymore. Telcos are frustrated as they can charge SMSes but these technologies doesn’t. What telcos are doing are to constantly upgrade their services to keep up.
  • Before iPhone, you use a thin, pointed stylus poking on a resistive screen. Everyone thinks that capacitive screen is impossible to use with finger. Now, people will laugh at you if you uses a resistive screen device.

They disrupt a market that you might think is saturated and full of common competition. There is a reason why they are called Disruptive Technologies! 🙂

Do you remember many years ago when manufacturers started to shrink the mobile phone sizes? I remember holding on to the “lipstick” phone (Nokia 7280) from Nokia. It was the slickest phone at that time and is touted as the lipstick phone because it is as small as a lipstick.


At that time, manufacturer wanted the phone to be as small as its primary purpose is just to make phone calls. Internet? What Internet (at that time)?

Fast forward, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) became popular to organize our life and some smart aleck thought that it would be cool to combine the phone and PDA together so that we will only need one device. This eventually becomes the smartphone of today.

But do you think it would be cool if you can predict or see the future and move a step faster than the rest?

For example, if companies know 10 years ago that big screen is the way to go for mobile phones, do you think these companies can leverage on that and prepare a super awesome phone to meet the needs 10 year later?

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Samsung has taught Apple a valuable lesson. That is to listen attentively to customers. Most of Samsung customers want bigger screens and Samsung fulfilled this. And Apple has taught Samsung a valuable lesson too. Quality and cult-like fans are the best bet even though their technology is not the latest.

Here is another example. Years ago, cyber cafes were a rage. Everyone wanted to get into a cyber cafe businesses as they know that many want to play some “real” games online and with friends. The reasons, at that time, were because you will need a “powerhouse” PC to play those action games (good graphics) and you will need high speed Internet.

With advancement in technologies and companies realizing the potential in this market, companies are churning up powerful yet portable laptops that can run top notch games with top notch graphics. Companies like Dell (Alienware) and Razer are so into it now. You also have Xbox, PlayStation to fill those gaps (more are coming – Alienware Alpha)

You know what? The next step might be VR. Yes, Virtual Reality. And company like Oculus Rift already saw it years ago and now they are the “pioneer” in this market. Samsung and HTC are now following closely.


Cyber cafes should reinvent and cater for VR gaming. It will be so cool.

Today, in my opinion, in order to disrupt the market with a product, someone needs to think of solution that (based on Samsung and Apple) most customers want and must be of high quality, useful and not seen anywhere.

If you can come up with this product, you will definitely rock (or disrupt) the market (whichever the market is).

Personal story

This leads to my personal story that happened recently (in February) that make me take a second look at Disruptive Technologies.

One day while surfing the net, I saw an interesting post about a product from a friend. It caught my interest immediately (remember I always adore how technology can make changes in a person’s life). I have never seen something like that before. I PMed him for more details. A few days later, we met up at a nice cafe talking about what he had shared. He introduced me to this friend who has this product. (not sharing the product as it is not a product endorsement post).

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As we were chatting, he showed me the product and what it can do. I am actually impressed. He also shared with me his e-commerce business. BTW, I am usually not easily impressed by websites selling products. Not until he told me that his e-commerce business has brought in USD10 million sales in 1 year!!!

My mind was racing for an answer. I have not seen any e-commerce business that can create a fraction of that amount. There are many reasons for sure, but I can confirm that one of the reasons is that the products have what I called disruptive technologies that I described earlier (good quality, solution for many people). I have seen many other technologies but not this. It might make many people out of job because of its disruptive nature 🙂 .

After that day, we met up a few more times. You see, I wanted to pick his brain on how he runs his business. Each time, he opened my eyes to something right in front of me that I could not see before.

New Dimensions, New Opportunities

The more I hear from him, the more I think he should share his knowledge. I could see opportunities for many people if they could learn from him. BTW, he is very young as compared to me.

I believe the future is Online. To reach a global audience, without the limitation of time, location, online is the only way to go (at the moment). Imagine if you can do half of what he can do…

BTW, if you have any doubts over this person, here is something more about him. He has his retail and beverage businesses. You might have seen or bought something from his retail stores island-wide. I actually like their products (even before I know him).

If he thinks e-Commerce is the way of the future, don’t you think you should also agree with someone who has experiences in both, someone like him?

For TechieLobang Readers

I pestered him to share his knowledge or at least share his experiences with the readers. He agreed. You see, he is also trying to look for partnership opportunities for his online business and also looking for people who is willing to be mentored by him.

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The talk is on how to spot trends and businesses and how to open your mind to things that might have make a difference in your life. In my opinion, his experiences in running an online business is worth your effort to attend this talk.

The free talk is arranged for next week in Singapore, and on a weekday evening. I will not reveal the date, time or location of the talk here as I don’t want anyone to gatecrash the event or venue. If you are interested to learn what disruptive technologies can change the market and you might want to talk to him to pick his mind (it is a 2 hours sharing session). Let me know if you are coming.

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(The event is in Singapore)

In this sharing session, he will: –

  • Share 5 Simple Rules to build a successful million dollar e-commerce business
  • Show you how you can hack your brain to automatically spot “g-spot” opportunities online and guaranteed profit before you start (hint: How can Apple and Google tell us which is the next big thing that will make you RICH)
  • How to turn 1 customer into bringing thousands of customers to you
  • Why making money is bad
  • and much more….

I will be there because I still have a lot to learn from him and to meet you guys..

I promised you will witness one disruptive technology that is available and will blow your mind on that day 🙂