This might be the real HTC One (M9), the rest are fakes

On 1st of March 2015, HTC is going to reveal something. Many speculate that it could be a new smartphone (Hima) to replace the HTC One (M8). There are many leaked pics but none of them are as interesting as this one (in my opinion).


Based on the pictures, you are seeing not one but two handsets. There are no details but based on the pictures, they seem to have metal chassis and the one on the right has a physical button (or a fingerprint scanner) and it looks a tad bigger (might be called Hima Ultra). The signature big-ass front facing camera (started from Desire Eye) is available on both units.

Note that Evan Blass DID NOT actually mention that these are the new handsets. Instead, he posted a picture that shows previous leaks and the presumably new handsets with a simple sentence, “Old habits die hard…”.

Based on the source, HTC has the habit of using dummy test phones to hide the new phones. Not sure if they are doing it again this time.

When it comes to leaks, I always ask the readers to take them with a pinch of salt. Most probably they are not the real stuff. Now, with January coming to an end and 1st March is slightly more than a month away, the leaked information by Evan Blass (previously known as EVleaks) might be the real thing based on his track records.

Let me know if you think otherwise.