WhatsApp Anywhere in the World Free with WhatSim

With just a one-time payment, you can WhatsApp to the hearts’ content with WhatSim. WhatSim is a SIM Card specifically for WhatsApp. With over 400 mobile operators in 150 countries coverage, I am sure it will be a blessing for WhatsApp addicts.


How Does It Work?

Replace your SIM Card with WhatSim SIM Card and you are good to go. Whenever you are in the 4 zones coverage defined by WhatSim, you can connect to your WhatsApp to send messages.


It sounds great, right? Here are some information you have to know. With a low cost of €10 a year, you can get the card for immediate usage. However, you will need to ship the WhatSim card to your country (not sure if it is sold in shops or not) at additional cost.

Why do we need credits?

As mentioned, message sending is free. However, if you need to send pictures, videos, voice, you will need to use the credits. The credit system is different from each zone.


For example, Singapore is in Zone 2. To send photo and video from Singapore, you will need more credits as compared to Zone 1. And the credits are based on 10 seconds block. Here are their remarks.

In the Recharge section you can recharge from a minimum of €5 (1000 credits) up to a maximum of €50 (10,000 credits).
Videos and voice messages are charged for a standard length of 10 seconds. If longer, they are charged in multiples of 10 seconds.
For example, with a €5 recharge you receive 1,000 credits that allow you to exchange 50 photos, 10 videos or 200 voice messages in zone 1.

To get credits (or they use the term Recharge) on WhatSim, you can top up €5 (1000 credits) up to a maximum of €50 (10,000 credits).

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However, if you are just want to send message, this WhatSim might be perfect for you. My only issue is that with WhatSim, I cannot use it for calling. Maybe a dual SIM phone will do the trick.

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If there is any information that is inaccurate, do let me know.

PS: The idea of WhatSim originated from Manuel Zanella, 38, founder and CEO of Zeromobile.