What to expect with Windows 10 (video)

Mark these words: Cortana, Spartan, HoloLens, Surface Hub will be buzz words when Windows 10 is ready for release commercially. Yesterday (or this morning Singapore time), Microsoft held a session to update the progress of Windows 10. What surprises me during the presentation is the advancement in Cortana (Siri-like assistant), the Project Spartan browser and the HoloLens that has that added HPU (Hologram Processor Unit) that makes a great differences.

Here is a video of what to expect.

Here is an overview picture of Windows 10 devices and gadgets.


Here’s a look at some of the new experiences coming to Windows 10:

  • Cortana comes to PC and Tablet. The Cortana personal digital assistant will now be available on Windows 10 PCs and tablets to support people and help them get things done.
  • A new web experience for Windows 10. “Project Spartan,” the next generation browser offers the ability to annotate with keyboard or pen and share with friends, distraction-free reading mode and integration with Cortana to put the web to work
  • Xbox on Windows 10. Stream games directly from your Xbox One to Windows 10, play games with friends across devices and experience great graphics built using DirectX12.
  • Office for Windows 10: Office universal apps on Windows 10 deliver a consistent, touch-first experience across phone, tablet and PC. We’ll have more to share on the next version of the Office desktop suite in the coming months.
  • The world’s first holographic computing platform: Windows 10 enables developers to create holographic experiences in the real world, and the new Microsoft HoloLens is the first untethered holographic computer – no wires, phones or connection to a PC needed.
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I think the first thing Microsoft needs to improve is the design of this HoloLens. It is too bulky and looks more like a goggle.


Here are some Hologram applications that can be applied in future.

  • New Microsoft Surface Hub optimizes Windows 10 experiences for groups: Surface Hub takes advantage of Windows 10, Skype for Business and Office 365 to make every person – remote or onsite – feel like they’re in the same collaborative space.


Here is a look of how the Surface Hub can help in a meeting.

Are you impressed by what Microsoft can offer with Windows 10?

Click Here to Watch the Full Presentation