Russ Swift’ Stunt Performance at Singapore Motorshow 2015

Had the privilege as the media for the Singapore Motorshow 2015. It has been a long six years since the last one. One of the highlights of the Singapore Motorshow 2015 is the Stunt Performance by Russ Swift (see picture below).


If you are there, be sure to catch it (Do check out the Stunt Performance timing as seats are limited). BTW, here are some ticketing information for your reference.

Ticketing Information

Date Time Ticket Price
15 Jan 2015 Thursday (Special Preview) 1200 – 2200hrs S$10
15 Jan 2015 Thursday (Open to Public) 1700 – 2200hrs S$6
16 Jan 2015 Friday (Open to Public) 1130 – 2200hrs S$6
17 Jan 2015 Saturday (Open to Public) 1030 – 2200hrs S$6
18 Jan 2015 Sunday (Open to Public) 1030 – 2000hrs S$6

I think the ticket pricing is affordable. The Motorshow is NOT that big (Just my opinion). You can take a few hours to complete the whole area unless you want to query every single model.

Russ Swift Stunt Performance

Back to Russ Swift’s stunt performance. Using Subaru’s range of cars, Russ is able to execute his stunts in great precision. It is something you must not miss when you are there. I have captured all the stunts in my GoPro. Go to the end to watch the 10 minutes video.


He started with simple stunts like reverse parking in high speed


Then he did some awesome parallel parking that I don’t think I can do even in slow speed. And with a ramp, he is able to steer the car with just 2 side wheels.

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Not only that, he invited members of the media to follow him on the rides. Check out the picture below. The car is fully loaded.


And the final stunt involves another “volunteer” who rode with him. Check out his expression. (sorry that the picture is not sharp). He must be enjoying it to the fullest.


Here are the contented looks of Russ Swift after his awesome performance.


A thumbs up to end the show (about 30 minutes).


And here is the video in HD quality.

Hope you enjoy it. The Singapore Motorshow 2015 will be from 15th January to 18th January 2015 at Suntec Singapore.

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