Full Digital Camouflage for your Surface Pro 3

If you own a nice piece of equipment, I am sure you will want everyone to see it. But if the device has the same look as everyone’s, it will be too boring. That is why I choose to beautify my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with digital camouflage prints.



After some research, I believe the DecalGirl’s Digital Navy Camouflage has the most awesome look. BTW, it comes with matching wallpaper.




What is interesting is that it comes with all side stickers too. I did not realize that when I bought it.








Here is my suggestion after you purchase. As the sticker is non transferable, please be extra careful when you stick it to your device.

I made a mistake when I sticked the front part of the tablet. And because of the mistake, I tried to readjust it which made it worst (since the sticker is a little elastic). Now, I have to live with my lousy workmanship. Thankfully, it is in camouflage print which is not so obvious.

The dimension is accurate. I suggest that you use the corners as references when sticking it.

BTW, this is NOT an advertorial. Just sharing my finding. DecalGirl’s stickers can be shipped directly to Singapore. My damage is USD24.99 and shipping cost. So, if you need to beautify your device, go check them out.

PS: Not all comes with matching wallpaper. Do read carefully when you purchase. Happy hunting.

PPS: Now I need to decide if I should get a matching keyboard (currently, it is RED) for the new look 🙂 .