Ex-SKARF Singaporean member, Ferlyn G goes solo, debuts first album (video)

Looking at my posts, I realized that I only mention KPOP news when it is related to Singapore, Singaporeans, linked to a tech brand or a song became a super hit (like Psy’s Gangnam Style). This time, I am glad to announce that Singaporean Ferlyn G 黄晶玲 (ex-SKARF members) has gone solo and has debuted her first album.


Why am I talking about Ferlyn G?

Well, I have been following the progress SKARF since their debut. Two of them are Singaporeans (Tasha and Ferlyn). It had not been a smooth journey for the group. They have to bear the pain when a team member left and 2 new members joined in. Although their leader, Tasha, has been doing well (at least from what I see), the rest of the group is not that active.

Then in October 2014, I received an email from their manager (I remembered talking to him during a Samsung event in Singapore before) at Alpha Entertainment on information about Ferlyn G. He mentioned briefly about Ferlyn going solo. At that time, many of the things are just under consideration.

Yesterday, I saw the article on the Straits Times about Ferlyn. She is now under iGlobal Star (a sister company of Alpha Entertainment) as a solo artist. Realized that she has gone through a lot to reach what she have achieved today. Imagine no mobile phone and not able to celebrate her mother’s birthday for the past 5 years when she was with SKARF. Admired her fighting spirit. Here is her new song Luv Talk M/V (it has a Chinese and Korean version). Fighting! BTW, she is now based in Singapore. So, if you are in Singapore, you might be able to bump into her 🙂 .

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