Bill Gates drinks water processed from human waste (video)

This tool might be the next big thing in developing countries. Remember the name, Janicki Omniprocessor. It is a tool that takes Sewage Sludge (or human waste), processed it to become clean drinkable water and electricity.


What will be interesting is that whoever that owns the Janicki Omniprocessor will get paid for the sludge, and the same owner will also get paid for the output (water, electricity). And the best part is that the electricity generated can in turn power the Omniprocessor.

From an entrepreneur’s standpoint, I believe this is not a bad idea (not sure the initial cost though). And the processes that are needed seems quite basic like heat to boil the sludge to obtain the vapor to become water and fire to burn the dried sludge to be hot enough to become high pressure steam to power the generator for electricity. What is left over is just ashes which I believe can be sold (as fertilizer?).

Here is the video to show you how it works.

I love such kind of projects/products that can help people. In Singapore, we have NEWater that is also processed from waste water. This Omniprocessor is another way to make clean drinkable. Kudos to those who invented these methods.