Giveaway: Watermark Software with Batch Processing Capability (Final Day)

One of the pain for photographers who wanted a quick job to watermark hundreds of their photographs is that it is super tedious to do it individually.

Now, here is a free gift for you. Download the Photo Watermark Business Edition that can watermark your pictures in batch processing free. It is actually a Christmas Giveaway but I was only informed today. So, you have about 1 or 2 days (ending 31st December 2014) to download this Photo Watermark Business Edition (worth US$49.90).


Of course, some of you may come across such Giveaways from time to time. But don’t miss out this chance if you are already here 🙂 . Follow the link below for this free gift.

Click Here to Download Watermark Software Photo Watermark Business Edition Free

Note: When you reach the page, click on the icon that says free giveaway. The main page is actually showing Video Watermark. If you are interested, you can purchase it.

Note 2: This free software is downloaded as a ZIP file with License Key (FOR PC ONLY). I have tried it and it is working as advertised. However, there will be NO SUPPORT for it from the company.