You could be fined or jailed for using the Selfie Stick in South Korea

Selfie sticks are getting popular everywhere. I just came back from Japan on a personal trip and I can attest that people cannot leave home without the Selfie Stick. Now, if you are in South Korean, you will need to be a little carefulĀ if you are not carrying an approved version.


At first when I saw this news, I was quite surprised. A Selfie Stick is a Selfie Stick. It is an extension of the arm and nothing else. After reading the content, I realized that they were referring to the “electromagnetic radiation emitter” issue. According to the report, those selfie sticks with embedded triggers (via Bluetooth) to activate the camera on the smartphone is the subject of this strange rule.

The report mentions: “The problem, the ministry says, is that such units are designated as communications equipment given their use of radio waves to provide a wireless link between separate devices. As such they have to be tested and certified to ensure they don’t pose a disruption to other devices using the same radio frequency.”

Not sure how determine South Korea is enforcing this rule but I doubt it will be effective. Seems that they are currently only interested in those Selfie Sticks that has the embedded trigger.

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What do you think? I find a little amusing since there are so many devices that communicate via Bluetooth. Of course I understand they are worried about those devices that has built in communication module (Smartphone). However, given the range of the Bluetooth, I doubt it will be a concern. If it is, how about those remote triggers that are sold separately?

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I wonder how they are going to enforce it.

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