FUGU LUGGAGE transforms from carry-on to full luggage immediately (video)

The problem about traveling is that sometimes you wish your luggage could be small enough to bring up the plane (so that there’s no risk of losing your luggage in some foreign countries) and yet big enough for you to bring back more things (especially during holiday). Now, this FUGU LUGGAGE might be a neat solution to that problem.


The FUGU LUGGAGE has been measured to comply with airline size limitation for baggage and grows from the maximum regulation sized carry-on size to the maximum regulation sized check-in.

How it does that is a patented solution. It expands its wall to become a full size luggage without compromising its durability and security. It even has different compartments when expanded to full size. According to the project description, the weight of this luggage similar to “average” luggage. Check out this introduction video.

This FUGU Luggage project is on Kickstarter. Based on the projection, you will not see it until August 2015. If you know Kickstarter, the timeline is an estimate and based on my experiences on Kickstarter, only a handful of projects are on time.

If you wish to support them, do check out the rest of the details. They have already superseded their goal of US$50,000 by at least 4 times now and they still have 18 days to go.

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