Casio presents EXILIM TR-50 camera, no selfie stick needed

Casio presents yet another selfie camera, the EXILIM TR-50 camera. It is the next generation addition to the selfie camera series that is so popular amongst the ladies. With its signature 360° rotating frame and 270° rotating display for use, it is actually super good for selfie and with its built in make up functions, you can actually use the image immediately without editing.





Press Release

Casio Presents the Next-Generation EXILIM TR-50 Series to Capture Stunning Self-Portraits

 Singapore, 10 November 2014 – Casio Singapore has announced the release of a new EXILIM EX-TR50 series, the next-generation addition to its revolutionary TR range of compact digital cameras. The new series comes with a refreshed look and enhanced with new functions to empower ladies to capture stunning self-portraits every single time.

Just like its predecessors, the EX-TR50 is designed with the TR range’s signature 360° rotating frame and 270° rotating display for users to take perfectly framed ‘selfies’ even without a ‘selfie’ stick. This next-generation series is equipped with an enhanced 1/1.7 inch back-illuminated CMOS sensor, Make-up Plus, Beauty Mode Bracketing, 21mm wide-angle lens, Remote Shooting (via EXILIM Remote) and other innovative functions to render lifelike images that capture genuine beauty of the subject.

“The TR range is one of our most popular cameras especially among ladies with a sense of style and are keen on keeping up with the ‘selfie’ phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. With the new Casio EXILIM EX-TR50, we have now made it easier and more dynamic for our consumers to do what they love and instantly share it with their friends and family,” said Daniel Lee, Marketing and PR Manager, Casio Singapore.

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All New Sensor and Lens

With the high-quality EXILIM Engine HS3 image processor, 1/1.7 inch back-illuminated CMOS sensor and the new superior glass lens – the EX-TR50 can always take consistent and high quality images. The new CMOS sensor not only optimises photo quality in low light situations, but also helps to maintain the crispness and clarity of subtle details in each self-portrait.

Enhanced Make-Up Functions

The Make-up Plus mode lets ladies manually whiten or darken their skin tones by selecting from six pre-set skin whitening effects or six sun-kissed variations to find the best one to suit any photo composition or lighting condition.

The in-built Beauty Mode Bracketing function is also sure to be a big hit. With a single click of the shutter the EX-TR50 can capture a single image with three varying levels of skin tone enhancements for ladies to be able to choose their ideal photo every time.

Ease of Use

The EX-TR50’s all new exterior features a sleek iridescent resin coating, rounded edges and a more refined shape making it fit comfortably in one hand.

A dual-CPU and two parallel image processors enables the camera to start up in approximately 0.99 seconds and operates with a 0.24 second shooting interval and auto focus time of 0.23 seconds.

It also comes with a completely new graphical user interface (GUI) with touch-screen operated circular menu icons that automatically arrange themselves accordingly whether the camera is held upright or horizontally.

The new multi-touch and high-sensitivity LCD screen lets the EX-TR50 even double up as a compact digital mirror, where users can enlarge or zoom out on their faces simply by pinching the screen outwardly or inwardly with their fingers.

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Dynamic Shooting Styles and Instant Sharing  

The EX-TR50 comes with three shutter styles to suit a variety of shooting situations. Ladies can conveniently click on the self-portrait shutter button when holding the frame with one hand, activate the Touch Shutter option by touching any part of the LCD screen or trigger the Motion Shutter by waving a hand while facing the lens.

To take full body images, back view shots or group pictures, simply connect the camera wirelessly to a smartphonefor remote shutter access and start snapping away. Then simply send the best photos through the smartphone for instant sharing on social media.

Price and Availability

The EX-TR50 is available in three sophisticated colours – Champagne Gold, Rose Red and Sapphire Blue, and can be found at all authorised Casio camera retailers in Singapore at a Suggested Retail Price of SGD1,299.00.