Progress Update for Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone (video)

Remember Phonebloks’ crazy concept (at that time) of modular system for smartphone? It has been more than a year and here is the update for this Project Ara that is jointly developed by Google/Motorola. I am glad that the Project is still alive. And the good news is that it really works.



And there is no stopping here. In January 2015, they are going to unveil Spiral 2 prototype that is supposedly to be a friendlier version for developer. Right now, we can only watch this video to quench our thirst for this kind of modular hot-swappable smartphone.

I love this concept. You can even swap the speaker. I believe there are so much potential in such design, especially for third parties. I really hope that they establish some protocols to ensure compatibility amongst the different suppliers of modules (in future). Then it will be like building your own PC. Add on whatever that suits you. Do you agree?


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