App can turn your food pictures into 3D masterpiece (video)

If you are a foodie and are on a mission to take pictures of all the food that you eat and post on your social networks, would it be better if you can take them in 3D? A company is trying to do that and specifically on food pictures. The iOS app called 3DAround might be coming next month.


Here is a video on how it works.

The concept seems simple. The camera now acts as a scanner (taking multiple pictures) of the object and transform it into a 3D model. I will bet that it will need a good lighting  to take a really nice 3D picture. Hopefully the app will be a success upon launch and hopefully the developer is already thinking of an Android version. Looking forward to test it out. Would you like your food picture to be in 3D?

Click Here to Check Out Dacuda 3DAround


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