Ikea Singapore latest viral video is eerily funny just in time for Halloween (video)

What is it like to go to Ikea Singapore for a late night shopping? Ikea has a short video to show you. But you must brace yourself when you watch it, because it is eerily funny especially the ending part.


If you have watched the movie, The Shining (1980), you would have recognized  the scene. Little Danny is riding on his trike along the corridor when he met the unexpected.

Kudos to the Ikea Singapore team to implement this scene to Ikea store. I give them full marks for implementing the sound effect almost in perfection in the video. It really works.

Do you feel it? Here is the link to the clip of the actual scene from The Shining. I like part when they changed the script from “Come play with us, Danny” to “Come PAY with us, Danny”. Haha.  This is the second time in a few short months that Ikea Singapore has created a viral video. The first one is the Book Book that caused a stir especially in the Tech communities.

I believe this Halloween theme video will become another hit. As of this writing, it has passed the 2.8 million views mark. Congrats to the team.