This Air Umbrella could change the way we look at umbrella again (video)

Umbrella has been around for so long and yet the design remains the same. Now, a company in China is about to change that. With the Air Umbrella (or Invisible Umbrella), it has changed the way a typical umbrella works. Instead of using material to repel the rain, it uses air. A user just need to hold a stick-like device pointing up and it will shield you from the rain.


Sounds incredible? The theory is super simple. It uses air to repel the water. And you should know that if air is strong enough, it should be able to “blow” away those rain. Here is the introduction video.

This video is not just a proof of concept. In fact, they are very serious about the Invisible Umbrella. Currently, it is on Kickstarter (crowd funding website) and as of this writing, it has succeeded in reaching its required fund. There are a few more days before the project ends. If you want to support them, do go to their Kickstarter website.

Click Here to Check Out Air Umbrella at Kickstarter

However, do note that the delivery is slated for December 2015 (mind you, NOT 2014), and Kickstarter projects are famous for not being able to fulfill the committed timeline most of the time.

Based on the information, the battery life is just a miserable 30 minutes, and the stick is not exactly good looking. If you are walking around with it, I am sure many people will be looking at you.

The design is like Dyson’s fan where it will draw the air using a motor and blowing out to form an umbrella over your head. Hopefully, they can find one efficient motor for it.

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