HTC might introduce a GoPro competitor camera (video)

HTC is busy now. On 8th October, it might be introducing something interesting. Some rumors are pointing to a Selfie Smartphone, Selfie app or a camera app during the Double Exposure Event. Now, HTC has uploaded a video with the title “Something Remarkable is Coming”. It shows a couple of scenes that might be taken with a small rugged camera (or at least dust or waterproof).


They even have a landing page on the website showing the same video. Here is the video.

Did you notice something on the 3 secs mark? Here is the frame. Yes, you are looking at the device (maybe). I am sure HTC is not that careless. So, it must has been deliberate. Did you also notice it has some slow motion scenes? Hopefully, this device can take high FPS video (at least 240FPS will be good) to make good slow motion scene. BTW, the lens seems to be wide angle lens.


On the landing page, it has the date, 8th October 2014. So, to conclude, as of now, we might be anticipating two products from HTC on 8th October. One of them might be something like a GoPro competitor since the video shows that it might have many mounts for various conditions, and able to work under water (or basically anywhere).