How to earn dollars with your creativity on LINE Creators Market

I know many of you are very talented and creative. Why not use these talents to earn dollars? LINE has a LINE Creators Market for you to unleash your creativity juice. Did not realize quite a number of Singaporeans are “secretly” earning $$ from it. Want to know more?


Read the Press Release for more details.

Press Release

Turn your creativity into dollars with LINE Creators Market!

– Create original designs, submit and sell them globally
– LINE Creators Market achieves over JPY 1 billion (SGD 14. 79 million1) in total sticker sales within first three months of launch

Singapore, September 1, 2014 –Singaporeans can now flex their creative muscles on LINE Creators Market. Designed as a platform by LINE, the world’s leading mobile platform with more than 490 million users, LINE Creators Market allow individuals and businesses to create and sell original and innovative stickers to all LINE users across the world.


LINE Creators Market Registration

Launched in May 2014, LINE Creators Market has seen a tremendous response globally with over 149,000 creators (Graph 1) registered from 124 countries, including Singapore. As of August 7, over 30,000 sticker sets2 (Graph 2) have been registered.


To participate, Singaporean LINE users will simply need to access the LINE Creators Market website ( and register themselves as a creator and their original stickers for free. Upon LINE’s review, the stickers will be made available for sale and purchase on the LINE Web Store ( and LINE’s in-app Sticker Shop. Creators will receive approximately 50%3 of revenue from sticker sales.

LINE Creators Market in Singapore

As of August 15, a total number of 235 Singaporean creators submitted their work to LINE Creators Market. These creators come from both non-design and design backgrounds and the numbers are steadily increasing. Inspired by their daily surroundings, these local creators have taken the plunge to share their designs around the world and have met with success.

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Coffee Bear, Lai Aik Soon’s creation

“I’ve been a fan of LINE and its stickers since 2013 and I saw LINE Creators Market as a great opportunity to share the cartoons and characters I have created. Although I have no design background, a keen interest and passion for design has served me well in getting my stickers sold on LINE! The response has been more than satisfactory and I look forward to submitting more designs” said Mr Lai Aik Soon, one of Singapore’s top sticker sellers in LINE Creators Market.

Meow the tabby cat, Dira Mahata’s creation

Another Singapore sticker designer, Ms Dira Gana Mahata agrees, “LINE is one of my favorite platforms and I use it on a daily basis, even at work! My favorite thing about LINE is the stickers and I participated in LINE creators market as I saw an avenue to share my own designs and at the same time further refine my illustrating techniques.”

She adds “I was inspired by cats and have observed their varied personalities and fluid movements ever since I was young. The main challenge I faced was to create a character that has emotions, personality and to bring it to life. This experience will be useful for my portfolio as a designer!” (

LINE Creators Market Sales Figures

  • For the first three months (from May 8 to August 7) following the launch, LINE has exceeded a total of JPY 1.23 billion (approximately SGD14.79 million1) from the creators stickers sales
  • The number of purchased sets has expanded to 12.41 million with 10, 000 sticker sets available for sale as of August 19
  • The average sales recorded (Graph 3).for the top 10 selling stickers sets are JPY 22.3 million (approximately SGD268, 0001)
  • The sales ratio per sticker set (Graph 4) shows that 55.5% of stickers currently on sale have achieved over JPY 10,000 (approximately SGD1201) in sales, proving that LINE Creators Market is a profitable platform for creators.
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The use of LINE stickers grows in tandem as LINE’s user base continues expanding globally. Along with standard stickers available in every region, LINE also offers stickers localized to specific markets based on customs and cultures specific to individual regions, as well as locally popular characters. The total number of stickers currently available on the LINE platform has exceeded 11,351 sets (including 1,155 official sticker sets and 10,196 creators’ stickers), and the total number of LINE stickers sent and received in one day has reached a high of more than 1.8 billion.

As the leading provider of sticker-based communications, LINE will continue its efforts, including the Creators Market, to extend the reach of our communication platform even further throughout the world.

1 Please note that sales are calculated in Japanese Yen (JPY). Exchange rate applied from XE currency: 100 JPY = SGD1.20 as of August 28, 2014.
2 Includes stickers currently awaiting review or in the process of being reviewed.
3 Creators are entitled to receive the paid out amount minus withholding tax, transfer fees, and other applicable charges. In addition, the applicable tax rate differs depending on the country of residence for both creators and purchasers.

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