enerpad, the portable battery that charges your laptop

I was at Comex again on Sunday. It has been a long time since I went back to any IT show twice Anyway, one of the reasons I went back is because I saw the product enerpad. Unlike most portable batteries, this enerpad has a working AC output and the price is not high. Guess what, I bought the 12,000mAh version.



Here is the packaging for the 12,000mAh enerpad (there is one with 18,000mAh juice).


This is something new. I know you might have seen other portable batteries that can charge laptops but they do not have an AC output. What that means is that you can literally put in any AC devices to use the battery.


In the package, it includes the charging adapter and a carrying case

What is Good? What is Not

Sounds good, right? Here are some “bad” news. It can only take 120V and not the usual Singapore’s power output 230v. It has a US/Japan/Taiwan based outlet. To use it for most Singapore products, you will need an adapter. BTW, it can take up to 65W for this 12,000mAh version of enerpad. There is another 18,000mAh version that can take up to 85W.


If you are using it solely for charging your tablets, laptops, it should be good enough since most of the modern adapters automatically switch the input voltage. And if you need just an USB to charge devices, there is an USB port. It has a output of 5V DC 2.4A.

What is in the enerpad (12,000mAh) Package?


I am now charging the device and has not tested it. Unlike other portable batteries, you will need an AC output to charge it. Here is the adapter.

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The input port to charge it.


Maybe at this moment, those savvy readers might be thinking that they have seen it somewhere. There is a similar product is on Indiegogo (crowd funding site) recently that has the same features. It is called the ChargeAll. I almost wanted to support it but stopped because it has an 120v output and I do not know how long it will take for them to deliver (most crowd funding sites can estimate the delivery but most of the time, they are not accurate).

So, instead, I bought it in Comex because I can see and touch it (and purchase immediately). I love these kind IT shows as they provide an avenue for companies to show off their latest products.

BTW, this product is made in Taiwan and brought in by The Perpetuity Corporation Pte Ltd . They are on Facebook. You can check them out. I will update again after testing the product. Right, before I forgot, the pricing for enerpad with 12,000mAh battery is S$148.90. This is Comex Show price, according to them.

Update: Short video on how to use it.