Pre-order your 4.7-inch iPhone 6 casing from today (video)

Want to buy a casing to protect your beloved iPhone 6 even before it is launched? Now, you can do that (Pre-order that is). Spigen has beat the rest of the world by launching the iPhone 6 casing ahead of the official iPhone 6 announcement.


If you think that the above are rendered images, you are wrong. They have videos to prove that.

From these information, you can see two things:

  • How things have changed since Tim Cook took over – Previously, iPhone design are guarded like top-secret and it seems that it is now free-for-all unless Apple launches something totally different from all the leaks.
  • How accessories makers are anticipating the arrival of the next iPhone

In my opinion, iPhone 6 or whatever name(s) Apple is going to call it, will sell like hotcakes. Back to the Spigen iPhone 6 casing, if you want to risk it, you can pre-order them now.


Click Here to Spigen iPhone 6 Casing


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