Does the COW help during NDP 2014?

Did you have a good mobile experience during NDP 2014? I did not. Not sure why but it seems that everywhere I go, the mobile traffic is congested (based on my network which is not StarHub). As promised, StarHub deployed the COW (Cellular-On-Wheels) and enhanced the mobile base stations around the Float@MarinaBay area. Here is the results.

StarHub’s Cellular-On-Wheels at The Float@Marina Bay

The results speaks for itself.


Based on StarHub, these results were gathered hourly as part of StarHub’s network health monitoring process.

Here is the statement from StarHub

In support of the National Day Parade (NDP) 2014 celebrations at ‘The Float@Marina Bay’, StarHub enhanced mobile coverage and added capacity at over 30 mobile base stations and at the same time, deployed the upgraded solar-powered ‘Cellular-On-Wheels’ van right beside the seating gallery to handle the surge in mobile traffic.

On 9 August 2014, an estimated 200,000 people, including spectators, performers and visitors, celebrated Singapore’s birthday at Marina Bay and shared their experiences with family and friends through their mobile devices. As compared to last year’s event, StarHub’s mobile network processed significantly higher mobile usage, with a five-fold increase in 4G traffic.

Today, we are happy to share that our NDP goers enjoyed 100% mobile service uptime and consistently better mobile surfing experience throughout the parade.