The Skate Scooter that does not use battery to power (video)

Move away, electric skate scooter, there is a new kid in town. Although it may not be the sleekest around, it has a single advantage. You can recharge it with a single cartridge.


In fact I think you can say reload instead of recharge since it has nothing to charge. There is no battery. Only a propane driven engine. By using a 16.4 oz propane canister, you can easily replace it when it is empty. Here is the video.

The project is currently on Kickstarter. I believe it is ready for International supporters. I don’t think the propane canister is popular in Singapore. I don’t remember I have seen it before. If you know, do let me know.

Some features of this ProGo 3000 Propane Powered Motor Scooter


  • EPA AND CAPB Approved / California Legal
  • Easy pull start
  • Lightweight
  • 2-3 hours run time per 16.4oz propane canister
  • Folds for convenient carrying and storage
  • No Choke, No priming, and No carburetor gum-up
  • No winterizing
  • Rugged steel frame
  • Front and rear disk brakes

Technical Specifications

  • Engine: 25cc 4-stroke
  • Fuel Type: Propane
  • Start up: Pull start engine
  • Acceleration: Thumb throttle
  • Brakes: Disk
  • Tire size: 8 inch
  • Speed: Up to 20 mph
  • Dry Weight: 35 lb.
  • Frame: Steel
  • Max Weight: 250 lb.
  • Run Time: 2-3 hours / 30-40 miles

But before you jump into this, you have to know that it is a 25cc 4 stroke engine and it might cause some noise. And also, you will need to pull to start the engine. Not very impressive in my opinion. I wonder what maintenance is needed on the engine.

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The Kickstarter project is on-going. Go check it out.

Click Here t0 ProGo 3000 Propane Powered Motor Scooter